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Product Support Sponsorship Programs

At Weldon High Performance, we are dedicated to supporting racers and race events through our Product Support Sponsorship programs. We know of no better way to demonstrate the outstanding performance of our fuels system components than through the success of your race program and events. Regardless of what you race or where, Weldon is committed to supporting racers and events be it Drag, Street, Off-Road, or Offshore.

For sponsorship consideration, please complete the applicable application:

        Racers Product Support Sponsorship program application form.

        Event Product Support Sponsorship program application form.

Product Support Sponsorship applications, be it for racers or events, are evaluated by Weldon's team who take into consideration many factors. These factors include your marketing/social media initiatives, print coverage including ads, news releases as well as the visibility of the racer/event. Our Product Support Sponsorship programs are designed for racers and event managers who are committed to working with Weldon marketing on an on-going weekly basis to achieve the highest level of visibility for you and your event. Much like racing, great results in marketing and Social media are the product of team work and consistent effort.


On behalf of Weldon High Performance, thank you for your interest in our Product Support Sponsorship programs. Our team will evaluate your application and will be in contact with you to discuss next steps.

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