• Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed in the industry. Our products don't just last for a few races or a few seasons, they last as long as you need them. 
  • Our products are not disposable.  After long periods of use, certain component parts may exhibit wear and require replacement.  We offer replacement component parts for most of our product line.  
  • Customer service is crucial to us.  We realize it does us little good to manufacture the best products if we are not able to advise people on how best to use them.  Call us at 1-440-232-2282 or email us at request@weldonpumps.com to experience the Weldon difference.
  • One stop shopping.  You can call us for advice on how to build your fuel system and then buy many of the necessary components.
  • Unique performance charts.  Every pump we sell is flow tested and shipped with a chart showing the exact pressure vs. flow data. 


Weldon Pump began in 1942 as a division of the Weldon Tool Company founded in 1918 by Carl Bergstrom.  As WWII drew to a close, so too did Weldon Pump's production as the need for military pumps was diminishing.  Revitalized by a creative and burgeoning aftermarket, Weldon Pump began production on pumps for general aviation.  Business took off and peaked in 1979 with the production of over 12,000 aircraft pumps.  1980 brought about our first high performance marine application and the rest is history.