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Since 1942, Weldon has been dedicated to the design, engineering and manufacture of fuel system products. Since our founding over 70 years ago, our drive to exceed our customer's expectations is demonstrated, each and every day, by our entire team. Every Weldon Racing component draws on our expertise in the custom engineering of fuel pumps for both the General Aviation and Military Defense sectors.

From the flight line to the starting line, Weldon delivers proven fuel system performance.

Drag, Street, or Offshore - Carburated or EFI - know that Weldon has the pump to meet your needs and to delivery the winning performance you crave.

Our Regulators maintain steady fuel delivery during dramatic changes in fuel demand, such as WOT conditions, boost application and gear changes with precision pressure control.


Billet Aircraft  Aluminum Filter Assemblies, with MIL-SPEC anodizing utilizing port configurations and filter media to fit
any application.


CARB Systems

For the carbureted racer - we get it, Carbs just look and sound cooler - Weldon has the fuel systems that deliver the performance and power you have been looking for. From our Carb Pump Series - the 16120-A, 16250-A and 16420-A - to our complete family of Regulators, and both Cellulose and Stainless Steel Filters, Weldon has the Carb system fuel components you need to make the Winner's Circle on a
Sunday afternoon.

 EFI Solutions

Weldon understands the EFI racer's command of tuning skills needed to get the most from your cutting-edge set-up. We offer a wide range of pumps for EFI from 800HP through 1400+HP - inline
and in-tank - that deliver the precision performance you demand. Our
 Regulators support a wide variety of fuels and whether you need Cellulose or Stainless Filters, we've got you covered. Go ahead and chase that next big win; Weldon is right there with you.





Oil / Lube



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